Anti-Corruption - Do You Really Know the Company Your Business Keeps?
       Assess third parties
  • Vet new partners, vendors and clients faster with the only global database of state-owned companies and foreign public officials
  • Don't miss current regulatory and reputational risks with comprehensive data on government sanctions, law enforcement lists and serious criminals
  • Effectively risk-rank relationships with clearly defined data categories that allow precise risk scoring

  • Investigate potential risks
  • Perform robust third-party due diligence, proportional with perceived risk, with customizable tools and services
  • Be fast, thorough and cost effective with custom reports on companies and individuals from an expert, multilingual research team fluent in over 60 languages
  • Demonstrate adequate compliance for regulators by ensuring you use the deepest, broadest, most accurate data for your investigations

  • Monitor existing relationships
  • Automate monitoring of third-party relationships with customizable data structured for easy integration into your compliance applications
  • Proactively spot new risks with a powerful alerting tool that automatically monitors global risk data and news
  • Promote a consistent compliance approach with dashboards that surface current third-party risks, program status reports and an audit trail