Kaosco is a Business Intelligence firm that helps its clients confront difficult business challenges. In this role, we provide companies with both the intelligence and analysis to enable them to identify, manage and mitigate risks stemming either from the normal flow of business or from unanticipated contingencies.
Detailed and cost-effective Due Diligence reports of meticulous quality compiled by a global team of multilingual research experts. Our Due Diligence reports contain legally obtained information from trusted sources which include multilingual media research as standard.
The multiple skill sets of Kaosco's professional staff, together with our growing international reach, enable the firm to serve a diverse client base on an array of issues in several key regions, including:

Due diligence can be separated into basic components:

  • Background checks on the management team involved
  • Legal checks on the status of the company
  • Accounting checks on the finances presented
  • Factual checks on the statistics or figures given
  • Relationship checks (both internally and with customers)
  • Company's systems
  • Company's systems

Background checks

  • Identity - passport, driving license, utility bill
  • County court judgments (on individuals and company)
  • Criminal record and director disqualification
  • Credit rating
  • CV references, past employment check, stated qualifications check


  • Companies House records, board meeting minutes, shareholding
  • Ownership of Intellectual Property
  • Mortgage deeds, titles, leases
  • Tax and accounts up to date
  • Insurance cover
  • Legal cases or threats of action


  • Bank statements, cash flow
  • Stock, work in hand
  • Past year's accounts and understand changes
  • Liabilities, debts, loans
  • Have accounts inspected by accountant for accuracy and any unusual occupancies
  • Sales and costs forecasts - justify assumptions

Relationships & Personnel

  • Staffing levels, temporary or permanent staff, contracts of employment
  • Key personnel - staying, happy with sale/investment/your involvement
  • HR records up to date and accurate
  • Key customers - reference, no issues outstanding, loss of customers pending


  • Check these are modern, efficient, integrated, non-existent or needing up dating
  • If joining business with another existing business will the systems be compatible
  • Accounting systems in use (IT)
  • Customer Relationship Management systems
  • Manufacturing and stock systems
  • HR systems